Start with Why

The most powerful marketing is personal recommendation.

We started Fomo because some marketers break this rule: unsustainable advertising, aggressive popups, and not enough personal connection.

Fomo helps honest entrepreneurs show off customer interactions (purchases, opt-ins, even pageviews) with one line of code.

Social proof notifications increase conversions and make your website the thriving bit of online real estate it is.

To learn more about our committment to honest marketing, read our guides or comics here.

Lucian Kranz

looks like a struggling musician in Berlin. not sure if he actually smokes but it felt right. first job: reimagine Fomo's interface. second job: build it.


Klemen Nagode

the keeper of the ruby who keeps Fomo's heart beating. only while deep in his git-flow is continuous integration made possible.


Matevž Golavšek

we knew Matevž was “the one“ when his bedroom wall matched our logo's hex code. now he ushers in pixel perfect interfaces and dad jokes (without the children).


Ryan Kulp

resident insomniac. spends points on the company credit card.


Hideko Tachibana

keeps it orderly on the court and in the code. loves making lists and checking them twice.